Hello, I’m Greg Long, web-master of this site. I’ve been ‘into’ Citroens since I was 14 when I got a non-running ’61 ID 19 from my brother for my birthday. That was well over 35 years ago. I grew up in British Columbia, Canada, lived for a dozen years in Ontario, a decade around San Francisco, California, 6 years in Charlottesville, Virginia, and now to Seattle, Washington. I’m married to my lovely wife Cathy and have 3 rambunctious boys (actually all ‘men’ now). I work at a kids online math company, heading up their product development activities. I have a gaggle of Citroens including an Escargot Motorcars Charleston 2CV, a ’56 DS19, a ’66 DS Decapotable, and recently a “SF from new” ‘63 ID 19 that I‘m I’m in the middle of resurrecting!

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