Citroëns & California what could possibly go better? Well, I guess Citroëns & Paris, or Burgundy, Nice ... anyway, you get the point (both great states of mind...)

Citroën last sold new cars in North America in 1974 when the SM’s were phased out. DS’s were available up until 1972. 2CV’s available on special order only until 1967. We never saw the GS, CX, XM except through gray market imports. We’ve been kept alive by a few parts suppliers and local mechanics who keep us moving forward. Thanks to all who, after over 40+ years, still help the Citroën community flourish.

* Local Traction website

  1. *Citroen Car Club - Southern California -- the ‘one’ that started it all back in ’56!)

  1. *santa cruz: Lon Price, Garage Longueville, Santa Cruz, 831/476-8395

  2. *san francisco: Peter Koine, 415/378-2361

  3. *los angeles: SM World, 661/257-2336

* los angeles: Daniel's Garage, Reseda. Jacques 323/893-2887

* san diego: Citroen Classics, 858/531-0552

* ventura: B&C Automotive, 805/643.9029

* Citroen Car Club - Southern California -- the ‘one’ that started it all back in ’56!)

* Northwest Citroën Owner's Club

* Citroën Autoclub Canada

* Citroën DS/ID email group

* East Coast Rendezvous (formerly Drive She Said), Saratoga Springs, New York

  1. *Ottawa Citroen Club

  2. *Citroen Club of Minnesota

* Brad Nauss Automotive: 717/691-8550 Mechanicsburg, PA

* Citroen Classics (formerly Citroën Concours), 858/531-0552 San Diego, CA

* Western Hemispheres: 831/425-1567 Watsonville, CA

* French Parts Services 206/242-4888 Washington state

* Panhard USA Club

* Citroën Andre - Dutch Citroën sales and parts

* Losson - French Citroën sales

* Blikwerk - Dutch Citroën sales, parts and service

  1. *French Classics Ltd, - UK

Citroën California +

Photos courtesy of Greg Long