Rendezvous 2009

June 12-13-14...

... will Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the "Traction Avant" at the Laurel Inn,

Salinas, Monterey Co., California.

Of course Rendezvous 2009 will Admire/Recognize all other Citroen Voitures, and the Concours on Saturday June 13th will reflect that.

Check-in starts at Noon on Friday June 12th,

check-out is Sunday June 14th, at 2.00 p.m.

Laurel Inn's price for (1 or 2 persons) is $ 82.00 + tax per room, including a Continental


At Check-in, a Re-Usable Bag with information will be provided including the Agenda,

Brochures about the Venues to visit, and Goodies. The Agenda will show when the Hospitality Suite is open on Friday evening June 12th, as well as other information, when the "Tour of the Voitures" starts, etc.

The Concours is on Saturday morning June 13th, when the Best of Show en Best in Model line-ups will be selected by popular choice. To avoid pre-ordained winners, the TA sedans will only compete against other TA sedans, while the TA decapotable will only compete against a TA decapotable. The same format will used for all Model line-ups, in other words, 2CV against 2CV, 2CV truckette, against 2CV truckette, etc. The Best of Show indeed will be selected from all the Voitures present.

There will be a Raffle, Silent Auction and Parts Booth to visit.

At 5.30 p.m. on Saturday June 13th,  the doors are open at the Steinbeck Center only for the

Gala Dinner Participants. This provides the opportunity for the Gala Dinner Participants to visit the Exhibits (without extra charge) prior to the Gala Dinner, held at the Steinbeck Center Rotunda at 7.00 p.m. After dinner, various presentations will take place, including the Award for Best of Show and Awards for Best of Model line-ups. The evening program will be completed by 10.00 p.m.

On Sunday June 14th, the participants can complete visiting t hose venues not yet completed in the morning. The Laurel Inn is providing as a service to the participants a 2.00 p.m. check-out.

Ruut van den Hoed